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Appointfix (currently Goldie)

Successfully acquired in December 2021

Appointfix is Mobiversal’s first own project, originally launched in December 2014. Then it went through a major upgrade in 2017. The app helps professionals to easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text message reminders.


FieldVibe is an android and iOS mobile app that makes scheduling daily jobs and keeping track of employees an easy task, and notifies clients ahead of time with appointment text reminders.

Oradea City Report

As the City Hall of Oradea wanted to improve the relationship with its citizens, it sparked the idea for an app that gave citizens the ability to report any problem they encountered within the public domain. Because the app was a resounding success for both the City Hall and the citizens, Mobiversal turned the app into a product that is currently customized for seven city halls across Romania.

Featured client products

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Staffcloud is an app that helps employers communicate with their employees. It also helps employees keep up with job assignments by providing them all the important information about tasks, working time, location and all crucial documents.

Asociatia Noel

The Noel Association app is a donation ecosystem for children diagnosed with SMA disease.

Premise hunts

Premise is a “tresure hunt”-like app that gives users multiple ways for them to chart or leave a trace while they travel, while creating a network to communicate with other people securely. The idea is to tell a story and create hypothetical scenarios or trivia pursuit challenges to achieve a goal or when applied to the business world, potentially lead to a promotion.

Medical Analysis Profile

Medical Analysis Profile helps users get quick health advice through doctor-created questionnaires. The app lets patients inform themselves of various ailments that pertain to a specific organ or body part.


ROMCOM app is a fintech platform designed to help customers speed up and simplify the whole loan experience.

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