Product Manager

Level: Mid – Senior

Location: In-house, Oradea – Romania

Job description

Objectives of this Role

As a product manager, you will manage a product from concept to launch and you will be the go-to person for anything related to the product throughout its life cycle. 


What you’ll do:

  • Drive the execution of all product lifecycle processes, including product research, market research, requirements and specifications, roadmap development, and product launch
  • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for prototype construction and final product development by development teams
  • Organize Discovery workshops – ideating and defining the project objectives, requirements, and expected outcomes; creating product strategy documents that describe business cases, high-level use cases, technical requirements
  • Work with the design team to translate the product specifications into mockups/wireframes that illustrate what the product or feature will do
  • Collaborate closely with design, development, and QA teams, for the release of products
  • Balance of resources to ensure success for the entire product


Must have:

  • Proven experience overseeing all elements of the product development lifecycle
  • Strategic thinking – have a deep understanding of each phase in the development of a product
  • Highly effective cross-functional team management
  • Good writing skills combined with strong presentation skills


Nice to have:

  • Background in product design or development
  • Previous software and web development experience
  • Proven experience working as a product developer in a non-managerial role
Perks of joining Mobiversal here!

Who you are

A nice human, with a strong passion for coding and a curious mind.

We’re are looking for hardworking individuals who are always eager to learn something new. We think big and we’re looking for team members who think bigger, achieve more, and work smarter. If you share our curiosity and thrive on challenges then this may be the place for YOU!

On a final note, the ideal candidate would be someone ready to give it 100%, be it an app they’re building or a team-building weekend. We don’t micromanage or boss people around here—we rely on open communication and feedback from our team members which will help us grow as individuals too!

Who we are

A dynamic and friendly company and we can’t wait to meet you!

We are a 30+ people tech team, located in Oradea, building apps for more than 11 years. Therefore, if there’s one thing we know really do well is building mobile apps for iOS and Android, from one end to the other.

We work with funded startups and international brands from all around the world that are looking to improve people’s lives through mobile app technologies.

Great tech professionals, but fun people nonetheless. People-friendly people, who love to gather together every now and then for a burger and game night. That’s who we are in a nutshell. We’re a company full of people who are constantly striving to do better, and we want you on our team.

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