About us

We’re a team of people passionate about building apps that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Mobiversal was founded in 2011 and has a healthy mix of business, technical, design, and marketing expertise. Even though we can’t say for sure if your app will hit the jackpot, what we can promise you is that we’ll use everything we learned in this lifetime to help you succeed.

Our values


We earn the trust of our clients by being responsive, reliable and proactive from the first discussions to the delivery of the app and even further.


Whether it’s between team members or with our clients, we believe in building long lasting relationships based on honesty and continuous support.

Positive Impact

We’re not building rockets, but we do believe that apps have the potential to add significant value to people’s lives. So that’s what we’re here for.


None of us is perfect, but each of us has the potential to grow. We believe in creating a friendly environment where, as a team, we can strive for excellence.


Alin Merches

CEO linkedin

Flavius Saracut

CPO linkedin

Cristian Streng

CTO linkedin

Vlad Santa

COO linkedin

Adrian Cucerzan

Product Manager

Csaba Biro

Android Developer

Razvan Hosu

Creative Manager

Levente Pal

Android Developer

Constantin Saulenco

iOS Developer

Obed-Jonathan Sebestyen

Web Developer

Claudia Fitero

CTO & iOS Developer

Cristina Hosu

UI Designer & Illustrator

Daniel Szasz

iOS Developer

Daniel Pop

Customer Support Manager

Razvan Blaje

Project Manager

David Popa

Android Developer

Adrian Cioara

Project Manager

Diana Burescu

Java Developer

Rares Taut

Business Analyst

Alexa Eros

Web Developer

Oana Ighian

Android Developer

Sergiu Groza

iOS Developer

Eliza Bianca Dragos

QA Tester

Diana Muresan

Marketing Specialist

Anca Olcean

Administrative Assistant

Alexandru Paloczi

Android Developer

Iris Grossman


Dacian Căpitan

Java Developer

Adriana Pele

Android Developer

Andrei Tanc

iOS Developer

Hannelore Sebestyén

iOS Developer

Alexandru Rotariu

Android Developer

Cristina Radu

Marketing Specialist

Adrian Sirb

UI Designer & Illustrator

Bogdan Voicu

Web Developer

Dan Chiru

Business Analyst

Marta Paniti

iOS Developer

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