A mobile app that connects to the Wobie speaker, giving access to your selection of music, audiobooks and podcasts.

App description

The Wobie speaker is the music box for children who want to listen to and discover music independently and for parents who find the variety of Spotify just right for this. The Wobie mobile app connected to the speaker gives users the possibility to configure the features of the Wobie speaker.
Connecting multiple speakers is something users enjoy.



The biggest challenge for the Wobie app was integrating and facilitating the various aspects of software, hardware and firmware that go into creating a seamless connection between a mobile app and a speaker.


The client had a well-prepared strategy and design before arriving to us and was looking for a mobile app development company that can build iOS and Android apps using native development tools, and also a desktop app from where to control the content from SD cards that can be connected to the Wobie speaker.

For this project we were involved in Product Development and in 

Product Launch & Scaling.



Key features

Connect to and control the speaker

Beside the capability to connect via Bluetooth (without the Wobie app), users have the ability to connect to the speaker via the Wobie app. This will give them additional information about the speaker that are only here available.

Assign Spotify playlists for each button

With the app, users can assign playlists for each of the seven buttons of the speaker. After doing this, users can just click a button an the playlist will start playing.

Manage the SD card from the PC

Beside the mobile apps, users can manage the content of the SD card from a desktop application from a PC.


Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)

NodeJS (Backend)

Angular (Admin area)

Delivery Time

Strategy phase:

2 weeks

Design phase:

2 weeks

Development phase:

6 months

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