Tempcloud helps staff providers and businesses in need of temporary workforce with the management of their operations.

App description

Tempcloud comes between staff providers and businesses in need of temporary workforce. When a company contracts temporary staff from a staff-providing company, there are steps to take, steps that are modeled in Tempcloud.



Talking about Mobiversals’ involvement in Tempcloud, one of the challenges was to establish “common grounds” between industry, software and product.

Strategy phase

Instead of exchanging everything via email, the communications between the two businesses would be done through a web portal. Both staff-provider companies and companies in need of temporary staff can start on their own(create an account), but also staff providers can invite the companies they are working with and the companies can invite the staff providers they are working with.

For this project we were involved in Product Strategy & Design,

Product Development and in Product Launch & Scaling.




Key features

Create requests for temp staff

Businesses in need of staff can post requests with their needs.

Apply to requests

The staff providing companies see the requests and can apply to them.

Hire temp staff

The business will choose the staff-providing company from which will hire. 

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