Spiral is a social network built on top of Wikipedia.

App description

Spiral is a social network app built around Wikipedia. Users that sign-up can search for anything (i.e. Mt. Everest, or skydiving), and for each page returned for the search users in Spiral can create a room where social features come in help. Spiral users can create a room for each Wikipedia page out there, where users can post, like, comment and share.



The first challenge was to make the architecture in such a way that has low coupling with Wikipedia but also has the latest data imported. For each Wikipedia page, Spiral users can create their own room, like a Facebook wall with posts, likes, comments and everything. Users searching for something in Spiral can find Wikipedia information and the info added by the users that previously searched for the same thing.


Spiral has an Android and an iOS mobile app, backed by the scalable server-side backend. Content best consumed from a smartphone or tablet, Spiral is a mobile-only social network built around Wikipedia.

For this project we were involved in Product Strategy & Design,

Product Development and in Product Launch & Scaling.




Key features

Search for “anything”

Users can search for anything and will receive results from Wikipedia.

Connect Wikipedia with Spiral

For each Wikipedia page users can create rooms in Spiral, where the next users that search for the same thing will be able to access.

Add friends and have your wall

Being a social network, users can add friends. Users can have their own wall where they can post, which can be seen by their friends.

Post, like, comment, share

as a social network users will be able to do basic things, like commenting, liking and sharing.


Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)

NodeJS (Backend)

Postgres (DB)

Delivery Time

Strategy phase:

3 weeks

Design phase:

3 weeks

Development phase:

7 months

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