Space Swipe

The main objectives when designing this game would be: SIMPLE, FUN, CHALLENGING, ADDICTIVE! The gameplay will be that users make different swipe actions on objects that afterwards transform into new objects on which the user needs to make a new action in order to continue. This process will repeat itself over and over again if the user makes the right action (swiping), on the right colour and before the time runs out. The more points the user wins by swiping on objects, the more difficult the game will become: objects get smaller and more in numbers, the display time is reduced, objects start changing colors and less extra time won for swiping. Using Cocos2d-x we developed the application for both iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets).


Raza from UK contacted us to share his idea about a game somehow similar to Fruit Ninja. We had several conversations with him in order to clarify the vision of the game, discussing about animations that we should do, and so forth. Initially we planned to externalize the animations to a design studio that we know of, but eventually we end up making them internally and they turned out very well.



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