Romcom app is a fintech platform designed to help customers speed up and simplify the whole loan experience.

App description

The purpose of the app is to provide ROMCOM customers with a reliable platform where they can see relevant information on their loans and take action related to them.
Moreover, the app allows users to calculate early repayments, estimate debts, view due date tables and more. The app extracts data from ROMCOM’s existing ERP.


One of the first challenges was analyzing and deciding how many features will the app provide to its users so it doesn’t get too crowded and which of these features are the most important and should earn a spot on the Home screen. At the same time, the user experience had to be very clean and self-explanatory so that very different user personas would find it easy to use.

Strategy phase

Following our research and the intel provided by the customer, the conclusion was that the social stratification of the users was very diverse therefore all the app features needed to be very clearly stated together with their options. Users should quickly have access to daily stats but at the same time being just one step away from more comprehensive stats. Having this in mind, the next natural step was creating the information architecture and mapping out a clear ERP data display strategy as a key to successful implementation.

Design phase

Before smartphones, data visualization was done on desktop through browsers and client applications.
It was no easy task collecting, organizing and displaying such dull data in a friendly and systematic way while avoiding data overload for users. Using a white background provided a bit of freedom in choosing color palettes and allowing for numbers to be in focus followed by text.
Contrary to desktop apps, content has to be stripped to bare essentials, omitting elements such as icons, long descriptions and other support components.

Design Process

Key features

Credit list and details

The user will be able to see a list of his credits together with all the attributes regarding a loan that would be of interest to a loan holder.

Due date timetable

The due date table, consisting in a .PDF document, is generated outside the application so the client can download it or get it via email.

Debt estimation

The user is able to see an estimate of his debts up to 5 days from the current date. Depending on the date selected by the user, the data will be updated accordingly. The user also has access to his Consultant information (each client has a consultant assigned to from the ERP system).

Early repayment calculator

The user can receive an integral or partial early repayment table, depending on his selections. This is considered to be an unofficial simulation. The .PDF document can be downloaded or sent via email.



React Native (Android & iOS)


NodeJS (Backend)


Postgres (DB)

Delivery Time

Strategy phase:
1 week
Design phase:
2 weeks
Development phase:
6 weeks



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