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Mobiversal was commissioned by the founder of Premise to create an app that reimagines treasure hunting on mobile, the result being a highly polished and engaging app. Premise is an application that gives the user multiple components that allow them to chart or leave a trace where they travel and where they live while creating a network to communicate with other people securely. The idea is to tell a story and create hypothetical scenarios or trivia pursuit challenges to achieve a goal or when applied to the business world, potentially lead to a promotion. This application’s main goal is to connect people under common values of science and literature and to get people to look up from our phones and use the world around them as a scene or setting to a chapter of life.
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  • Start hunting

    Get ready to have fun, search by cities, themes and join a hunt that you like.

  • Decrypt messages
  • Hunt details
  • Unlock checkpoint
  • Create a hunt

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