Pozi app

Meet a different way of listing and applying to job openings.

App description

The Pozi platform has two apps, one for businesses and one for consumers. The companies are using one of the apps to post job openings and see who applied, while the other app is dedicated to people that want to apply for jobs. The Pozi app is different because the job application is done as a video, this means that all pe people applying for a job, need to take a video of themselves while answering the questions asked in the job opening requirements. So people who want to apply for a job can see the video uploaded by the business for the job opening and need to record a video to apply.


The most challenging part of the project was encoding and compressing the videos efficiently, so as not to lose quality and have a decent upload time. We had control over how to make this the most efficient because we decided on both the Android app and the server side where the video was uploaded.


The output of the project was a dedicated native Android app for the companies, and another native Android app for the consumers that want to apply for jobs, both of them being designed by Mobiversals’ design team. The mobile apps are backed by a secured server-side backend and a web page for administration purposes.

For this project we were involved in Product Strategy & Design,

Product Development and in Product Launch & Scaling.



Key features

Publish job openings and see job applications

as a business, you will be able to create job openings by filling in details and uploading a video, which will be published and accessible to the public.

See and apply to jobs

users can view all the job openings and apply for them. In order to apply, users need to make a video of themselves and apply with it.


Kotlin (Android)

NodeJS (Backend)

Postgres (DB)

Delivery Time

Design phase:

3 weeks

Development phase:

3 months

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