PhantomAlert is a pioneer app in the car traffic events reporting community. Launched in 2010, PhantomAlert was grown a huge database of locations through the US. Drivers could report and see in real time all the important traffic events, from DUI to traffic cameras, accidents and more.

App description

A long time ago for mobile apps, in 2010, we built Phantom Alert, a geolocation app where users could report points of interest on the map while driving and could have seen points of interest reported by others.


There were a lot of challenges back then… first of all, in order to have navigation mode you had to implement it yourself, so we were rotating a bigger map view by code, using the bearing. This was because Google was not having the rotating map feature at that time (the North was always up, but we wanted the travel direction up).

The second biggest challenge was building a SaaS with the development tools for subscriptions provided by Apple and Google, who started enforcing the 30% commission rule.


We’ve built the iOS and Android native mobile apps, where users could have signed up to access an extensive database of points of interest all across the US. Users could have used Phantom Alert for navigation when they traveled, having navigation features and also showing the points of interest reported by the community.

For this project we were involved in Product Development and in Product Launch & Scaling.


Key features

Navigate to the destination and see Points of interest

Users could have used the app as an assistant when driving because it was showing the road and all the Points of interest reported by the Phantom Alert Community.

Add new Points of interest

Users could have added/reported new points of interest. Speed Trap, Speed Camera, DUI, Red light camera, and a lot more types of Points of interest.


Obj-C (iOS)

Java (Android)

PHP (Backend)


Delivery Time

Strategy and Design:

3 weeks

Development phase:

3 months

Client feedback

Excellence is earned and trust is built over time. Over 2-year period, we collaborated with Mobiversal and we were able to save in our app and server development related costs. We have outsourced 100% of our app, web and sever based development to Mobiversal. They sure have earned our trust. Mobiversal has provided a scalable solution that achieves our objectives and enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. Mobiversal has demonstrated real ownership and commitment to deliver for our customers and it`s this dedication that makes our relationship work and produces winning results. Mobiversals` creative use of technology solutions is helping us diversify our business model and generate revenue from different sources other than our core services. Their quality-assurance capabilities, excellent internal development processes and around-the-clock support have helped us achieve significant cost savings from our offshore initiative. Understanding the needs of customers is the Key to any successful business. Mobiversal perfectly understands these needs and knows how to translate them into applicable products. We`ll be using them again and again and again in the future. We are very impressed with Mobiversal.”

— Joe Scott, CEO – PhantomAlert


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