Asociatia Noel

The Noel Association app is a donation ecosystem for children diagnosed with SMA disease.

App description

The Noel Association helps children diagnosed with SMA to receive the ZolgenSMA treatment. The app is a centralized donation ecosystem for current and future Noel Association donors and, at the same time, the kickstarting of a community that will gradually replace the Noel Association’s dependency on external platforms.


The project provided us with a number of challenges, first one being the turning of occasional donors into recurrent donors. We managed to achieve that through a gamification strategy consisting of games and raffles. The next step was changing people’s entire view on donating, namely the donation should no longer be considered something that’s done out of pity, but something fun and entertaining, tied to a community of like-minded people. None of the above would have been possible without an easy donation process and easy access to the raffles and games the app provides.

Strategy phase

Based on our research and group analytics, the app’s user base consists of 80% women, between 25 and 44 years old, most of them mothers. Most of the users are not tech-savvy and spend too much time finding information on the cases or a way to easily donate. For this reason we came up with a very clean and organized way of showing the information in different app modules and making sure that all important information and call-to-action are within reach.

Design phase

Impeccable for both registered users and guest users since it had to cover a multitude of scenarios: one-time donation, recurring donation, multiple donation methods with the option to add one or more as a favorite. The list of donors is also an important feature together with the anonymous donor option.

Designing the Donate, Spin and Win in-app game was both fun and challenging since a lot of elements needed to be tackled in order to provide the user with a flawless UX and UI in terms of: trust, ease of use and clarity.

Design Process

Key features

Donation process

After previously encountering numerous problems related to the donation process, there were three directions to attend to:

  • A transparent and intuitive donation process filled with explanations and a number of ways to engage the user in selecting a favorite donating method or engage in a recurrent donation.
  • Letting the user know he contributed to a noble cause and feel good knowing he helped save a life
  • Adding more donation options, via: Credit card, SMS, Revolut and Paypal
  • Raffles

    Finding information about raffles on a third party platform’s group was quite difficult since the platform does not allow a centralization of information adapted to the needs of the Noel Association. With the new raffles module, users can see notifications of new raffles, a list of active and favorite raffles and much more.

    Donate, spin and win

    Unlike raffles, Donate, Spin and Win will run entirely through the app, so it can be called an application-only game. The user can see the full list of prizes and the rules of the game but will have to donate a certain amount in order to have a chance at one of the prizes.



    React Native (Android & iOS)


    NodeJS (Backend)


    Postgres (DB)

    Delivery Time

    Strategy phase:
    2 weeks
    Design phase:
    3 weeks
    Development phase:
    7 weeks



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