Kanji Trainer and Hanzi Trainer

Two applications that help users learn Japanese(Kanji) and Chinese(Hanzi) characters.

App description

The two applications, Kanji Trainer and Hanzi Trainer, explain the meanings of the radicals for each of the Joyo-kanji and for all HSK hanzi characters, and also offers the mnemonic phrase for easy learning the characters. Users can lear to draw the kanji/hanzi directly on the screen and the app will give them feedback if a stroke is wrong


The biggest challenge, if we can name it a challenge, was on Android, where the project was started by another developer and we needed to continue and finish the app. As usual, continuing a project is something developers run from, but with a strong communication with the client, our developers managed to finish the project and launch it. As a result, we “earned” the building of the iOS apps.

Strategy phase

We we’re not involved in the strategy, just a little bit in the redesign phase, to make the app look more welcoming to the users.

Development phase

We received the Android code, that was more than a half built, and took it to the finish and launching.

For this project we were involved in Product Strategy & Design,

Product Development and in Product Launch & Scaling.




Key features

See most of the Kanji and Hanzi characters

Thousands of characters are at your fingertips to learn the Japanese or the Chinese characters.

Draw characters and receive feedback

With the drawing feature, users can find out what strokes are not OK when learning to draw the characters.


Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)

NodeJS (Backend)

Postgres (DB)

Delivery Time

Group 9562
Group 9559

Design phase:

1 week

Development phase:

2 months


Mobiversal programmed for us two apps, namely “Kanji-Trainer” and “Hanzi-Trainer” for learning Japanese and Chinese characters for iOS and Android. These apps comprise high volume data sets and sophisticated graphic output. Further the front-end was needed in different languages (German and English).  I am happy to confirm that Mobiversal has excellent technical competence in these fields such that we are fully satisfied with the result. The cooperation was always smooth and highly professional and the pricing was fully fair.


Ulrich Neymeyr (Founder and CEO)

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