Hawk is like a multiverse social network built around geographical areas. 








App description

The Hawk app can be used by single users, teams or organizations to track users, exchange geographical information, and send messages or emergency alerts, while also being capable of online and offline mapping. The Hawk app is not publicly available on the App Store, being something purchased directly from the provider.



Hawk did challenge us from a technical standpoint, even though we are pioneers in working with maps. 

Working with GeoJSON and Mapbox.

Offline first with a base map.

Shared layers and sync.


Being a private app, Hawk is available only for iOS devices and as a web app, where the team admins can view in real time where all the team members are. Both the iOS and the web apps are backed by a server-side backend, that holds all the data and is used for keeping in syncing the mobile app.

For this project we were involved in Product Development and 

in Product Launch and Scaling

Key features

Tracking checked-in users

Team members could check in the app, which updates their location in real-time, location that can be visible to the team admin. The history of locations is visible as a breadcrumb trail.

Layers on top of the map

Users could create layers and draw areas on top of the map. These layers can be shared with their team members.

Chat with the team

Team members can chat one-on-one or with a group, directly in the app.

Robust SOS emergency system

Team members could create SOS emergency alerts that would notify the team admin with audio/visual and text message.


Swift (iOS)

Angular (Web)

NodeJS (Backend)

Delivery Time

Strategy phase:

3 weeks

Design phase:

1 week

Development phase:

5 months


Working with Mobiversal has been a great experience, as they consistently demonstrated their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. From the initial stages of understanding the vision of our in-house project to the final delivery of a visually stunning and highly functional mobile app, Mobiversal exceeded our expectations. Their excellent communication, technical skills, and ongoing support make them a top choice for any mobile app project.


Michael P.

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