Appointfix (currently Goldie)

Appointfix (currently Goldie) is Mobiversal’s first own project, originally launched in December 2014. Then it went through a major upgrade in 2017. The app helps professionals to easily schedule appointments and reduce client no-shows using automated text message reminders.

App description

Goldie is a free appointment scheduling app that makes life easier for beauty, fitness, and wellness professionals. The app helps you effortlessly schedule appointments and reduce no-shows using automated text reminders.


In 2015 we launched an MVP of the product, a basic version, only on Android, built with a single developer when he had no work on other customer projects. Also, in the first year after the launch of the second version, we didn’t have an operational profit. Lastly, this is an ongoing challenge as we want to provide a smooth user experience for our customers so that that the interface is easy to use for users.

Strategy phase

We saw a need in the market for a scheduling reminder system. Over 70% forgets about their appointments which results in a loss in revenue. We launched an MVP of the product, a basic version, only on Android, built with a developer. Also, the app didn’t benefit from much promotion, and it came to have about 10,000 users in one year. The opportunity was there, and we developed the right tool for the market.

Design Process

Key features

Fast & Easy Appointment Scheduling

Check your schedule and create unlimited appointments, no matter where you are. With Goldie, appointment scheduling is a breeze!


Reduce missed appointments and lost revenue by using text reminders.


Easily search for clients to view their history or their upcoming appointments


Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)

NodeJS (Backend)

Client feedback

My business runs smoother, and appears more professional by using this app. I’m a one person show, so having something simple to set up and operate from my side, and also be simple to use for my clients, is integral.

— Emily Jean S. – Salon owner

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