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A good user experience design improves your app’s accessibility, usability and desirability. The app’s interface is your product’s trademark. The first impression of the app determines its chances of success; make it count with our UI/UX services!

UI & UX Design services will help you reach your business goals

We help you engage your users with relevant and meaningful experiences through a thoughtful design and make your product more in line with their needs. Our experienced UX team will keep your users engaged with seamless UX. A good interface design should be friendly and easy to use, but a successful product requires more than just that. The key of a great UI is making the user think as little as possible while navigating through your app with ease.

Our UI & UX Design Services

Our design services are user-centered and based on a thorough discovery process where we gather all the needed information in order to maximize acquisition and retention.

Wireframing & UX writing

Wireframing is the perfect phase to gain a better understanding of what you want your site or app's look and feel to be. Wireframes provide guidance for how an interface should flow. Once done with wireframing, we can then move on to wording that enhances the UX! Using specific words for your target market, will help keep users engaged while they navigate through whatever content you've created so far.

Prototyping & usability testing

Prototyping allows us to have a bird’s eye view of an app. At this stage of the design process, we test and collect feedback on how our design will work for your app users to make sure that they can navigate through it effectively. Prototypes are followed by usability testing where we assess whether your users are able to get around seamlessly, which enhances the user experience.

Mobile app design & interaction

We’ll help you create an attractive, easy-to-navigate interface. The design process is based on aesthetics and functionality in order to achieve usability as well. We follow current trends while keeping your brand voice and values in mind so that we can develop a digital product tailored just for your target market! Animations are a highly effective tool for captivating your user’s attention and guiding them through an experience, and can have the same effect as sound or visuals in traditional storytelling, all while enhancing navigation of any interface. Our UI designers will be able to provide you with animated interfaces that not only look attractive but also function well—allowing for seamless transitions between screens without disrupting the flow.

Why choose Mobiversal as your UI/UX Design Agency?

Experienced designers
Our team of UX experts are here to help with the design and usability of your product. Combining decades worth of experience in this field with expertise on research & development, we will work closely together with you to bring your idea to life!

Client-oriented approach
Your company deserves the best. Our specialists have years of experience and know-how to make your idea shine as bright as possible! We research, build wireframes, prototype, test, and structure the information hierarchy for you.

Variety of design services
We can make your product ideas real. Our complex set of services will take you through the whole process, from ideation and strategy to UI/UX design all the way up to web & mobile development. You’ll end up with a complete product that has potential for success!

How will your business benefit from UI/UX design?

A refined and beautiful interface can translate into a better brand image for a company. A beautiful interface is intuitive and makes the user feel like they can trust it, which will lead them to a more positive opinion of your brand as well as an improved customer experience.

Customer retention
The key to retaining customers is good design. You need a UI that’s intuitive and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. With the right interface, you can make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

Increased revenue
User interface design should be scalable, usable and aesthetically pleasing to increase engagement. This will make your customers more willing to continue using the app and increase the product’s value on the market which can lead you towards success.

What’s the difference between UX and UI?

UI focuses on making it intuitive, attractive, pleasant looking for users through font choice, scope of colors and illustrations.

UX designers focus more deeply on functionality by evaluating an app’s structure in context usability/problem-solving while also considering how they can make an app easier to use based on their understanding of user behavior.

Can I use your UX/UI design services after product launch?

Yes - You can, both before and after launching the product. Depending on what you decide, we can help improve your app’s UI/UX design based on a user-centric and data-driven approach!

We are here for every stage in developing a great app: from idea conception through prototyping and testing, we have what’s needed at each step along the way with services that include strategy consulting, research, information architecture & interaction design as well as visual designs.

How much does UI/UX design cost?

The price of a mobile app ui ux design depends on the complexity of it, number of screens and so on. To get a fair quotation with an estimated price, reach out to us!

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