Premise is an application that gives the user multiple components that allow them to chart or leave a trace where they travel and where they live while creating a network to communicate with other people securely. The idea is to tell a story and create hypothetical scenarios or trivia pursuit challenges to achieve a goal or when applied to the business world, potentially lead to a promotion. This iPhone application is the main driving force of a potential service that could be implemented in a variety of ways but the first could be cooperative and game like atmosphere for building relationships in different markets through hunts, message in a bottles and trivia across a location.


Stewart Blaine contacted us via email and he chose to build the specification documents in the first phase. Based on that we gave him an estimate. Then we executed the design and he decided to build the app with us.



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Stewart Blaine, founder - Premise

“Mobiversal is a great company to work with. The communication was clear and I was kept up to date on my project. They really do quality work. Happy Hunting!”