PintHub is an iPhone and Android mobile app for beer enthusiasts in search for bars and restaurants that have craft beer in their menu and are participating partner venues of Pinthub. In a nutshell: – Consumers subscribe to PintHub paying a monthly fee and have access to one craft beer a day at any of our participating partner venues – With the mobile app, consumers search for participating venues and visit these businesses to redeem their daily beer – The venue partners get new customers in the door that will purchase additional drinks or menu items. Venues can login with their account on the website and check the statistics of users and redeemed drinks.


“Mobiversal delivers on time and on budget. Can’t beat that! Mobiversal helps you build only the features you need. With no up-selling. They are great for building minimal viable products as well as full-blown apps. It’s very easy to communicate with the Mobiversal team– on the phone or via email. Settling on app requirements went very smoothly.”

Drew Zerdecki, Co-founder & COO – PintHub

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