How much does an app cost?

Even though we can't give a general answer to this question, we thought of compiling a few sample proposals, in order for you to get a better idea about app development cost and duration. You can take a look at the complexity of these apps and compare with the idea you’re thinking of.

In each proposal, you will discover:


An overview which describes the purpose, the target audience and main features of the app/service


A short description of all steps we take during the app development process


A detailed breakdown of all components that compose the system and technologies proposed to be used for development


Total cost and a timeline for completion of the project, with each feature described and each task highlighted

Fitness app

The app contains several fitness exercises and for each exercise the user will be able to watch a video. The app will be free and contains a few fitness exercises with additional content available for download as In-App Purchase.
Platforms: iOS & Android

Employee location tracking service

This is a full-featured platform where companies can signup and start benefit from employee tracking through mobile apps. This a service that would help companies increase the safety, efficiency, and productivity throughout their operations.
Platforms: Web & Android

Best photos/videos from events

The app will be like an interactive game, where the users vote the best picture/video took at an event. The winner will receive prizes that will be used outside the mobile app. It`s a great opportunity for event organizers to engage with their audience.
Platforms: iOS

Mobile marketplace for local food

This app is aimed at connecting farmers and eaters by providing a platform for producers and consumers to trade with each other. It`s a quick and easy for consumers to find great local food sources or share recommendations and for producers to get new clients easier.
Platforms: iOS & Android

Mobile ordering and loyalty service

This is a full-featured platform where restaurants can signup and start benefit from the advantages of mobile apps. It’s a service that would help even smaller businesses to get access to a system that increases the safety, efficiency, and productivity throughout their operations.
Platforms: iOS, Android & Smartwatch, Web

City Guide

This is an app that would give tourists easy access to: events, places to visit, restaurants, hotels, shops, tourist routes, maps, ATMs, public transportation, medical institutions, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and many other points of interest throughout a city.
Platforms: iOS & Android

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