Bonapp is an app that connects restaurents with consumers to quickly sell food.

App description

The purpose of the app is to connect restaurants that have surplus or unsold food with customers looking for discounts. By purchasing food as takeaway through the app, customers can save a lot from the original price and help reduce food waste.
After finding a restaurant in their vicinity, users place an order and then collect a perfectly delicious meal at a bargain price and have the satisfaction of doing a good deed.


Bonapp already existed as an app and the challenge we took was to find a product strategy that would bring improvements on all critical features and, at the same time, to position it as a “reducing food loss for a healthier planet” app.
In order to achieve that, we needed a flawless navigational structure with thought-out filtering and sorting as the key to providing users an easy way to find what they are looking for.

Strategy phase

We started with a discovery process in order for us and the client to better understand the product and the philosophy behind it. Based on that process, we drew some conclusions that were later translated into both UX and structural changes.

Design phase

The homescreen of the app went through a number of changes in order to accommodate the new vision.
The layout was restructured so that the application will help users find what they need quickly, to satisfy their needs and drive conversion rates which was achieved with a new search system combined with intuitive filters.

Design Process

Key features

Discover offers

The homescreen of the app had to be adapted to fit new information onto the existing “cards”. Product listing layout was determined by running multiple A/B tests. In terms of design, that would be translated in – finding the perfect fit between a number of elements: price, discount, number of available meals, vendor, pick-up time, add to cart, add to favorites.


After finding the right employees in their own database, employers invite the ones who are available and have the right qualifications, so there is no flood of invitations. Users receive an invitation together with the details of the project and can apply for jobs with one click.


Kotlin (Android)

Swift (iOS)

PHP (Backend)


Delivery Time

Strategy phase:

2 weeks

Design phase:


Development phase:



Client feedback

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